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Policy H SP2 of the Arun District Local Plan (2018) requires a Framework Masterplan to be endorsed by the Council ahead of any development proposal being submitted for the site. The masterplan should incorporate high-quality design and give a sense of place and permeable layout.

The site is allocated in the Arun District Local Plan (2018) under Policy H SP2a for at least 2,500 dwellings. In addition, the policy requires:

  • a new three-form entry Primary School and nursery places

  • a new 3G pitch facility

  • two new sports pitches and facilities

  • a Community Hub which includes shops, a new healthcare facility and a Tier 7 library

  • improvements to the A259

  • new employment provision.

The site is allocated in the Arun District Local Plan (2018) under Policy H SP2a for at least 2,500 homes. The Policy also requires any development proposals to meet the following key design and infrastructure requirements:

a) Provide a new three-form entry primary school and nursery places.

b) Provide a new 3G pitch facility to serve the west of the District.

c) Incorporate two new sports pitches and facilities.

d) Provide a Community Hub which includes shops, healthcare facilities and a new Tier 7 library facility.

e) A road/pedestrian/cycle link between the A259 and Chalcraft Lane. 

f) Improvements to the A259 between Bersted and Drayton.

g) Ensure no detrimental impact to Pagham Harbour SPA.

i) Linkages and accessible pedestrian and cycle routes to Bognor Regis town centre.

j) A comprehensive strategy for surface water management.

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In designing the Framework Masterplan we have followed what are referred to as High-Level Development Principles which have been prepared by ADC.  These effectively set the parameters of the design and will therefore inform and shape any future planning applications.  We will describe these in more detail later, but they can be broadly summarised as follows:


  • Access and Movement – seek to reduce the need for private vehicles and promote sustainable forms of transport including walking and cycling and create permeable neighbourhoods.

  • Landscape and Green Infrastructure – incorporate key blue and green landscape features and infrastructure, including locations for play space, formal space and informal open spaces plus Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs);

  • Community and Employment - identify key locations for supporting employment spaces and  a new school, local centre, community facilities and library.

  • Built Form – identify the development parcels and key character areas.

  • Sustainability – include measures to enhance sustainability and mitigate climate change.

  • Technology – incorporate opportunities for the integration of smart deliverable technologies that enhances public transport, homes, community and support uses and employment space.

The full details of the High-Level Development Principles were considered and agreed by the ADC Policy Sub Committee on 30th June can be viewed here.

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