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The new development will provide a balanced, sustainable and vibrant community contributing towards meeting the wide and diverse range of housing needs that exist across the District. A variety of accommodation types will help create an inclusive and well-rounded community and to reflect local need, including the provision of affordable homes. Opportunities for self-build and community led housing will also be explored. 

The site is split naturally by a Public Right of Way, which has informed the creation of two distinct character areas; one to the north and one to the south. The layout northern character area/neighbourhood has been informed by the existing features on the site to reflect the regular grid of retained hedge and rifes. The southern character area/neighbourhood takes on a more varied form to reflect the historic field boundaries. 

The landscape proposals have used a historic reference to two lost ancient woodland areas to help define the large open spaces located within the masterplan. Where possible, these open spaces have been designed so they are bound on all sides by new homes in order to create clear, accessible links to the landscape for the new and existing communities and promote health and welling being.  

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Local centres are placed in both neighbourhoods and have been sensitively scaled to reflect the number of homes they are intended to support. It is envisaged that the uses will include small-scale retail, healthcare, a library and community opportunities to serve local needs. The primary local centre will be located within the southern neighbourhood, in close proximity to the Primary School and sports facilities. A smaller, secondary, local centre will be provided in the northern neighbourhood.

They will enable residents to undertake day-to-day activities such as convenience shopping or meeting friends, minimising the need to travel. 

Such facilities will form an important building block for the new community.


A range of spaces for commercial users will be provided as part of the development proposals. Approximately, 6.5 ha of employment land is proposed in the northern character area, fronting the A259.


This location allows for easy access to the wider Arun transport network and also locates a less sensitive use on the boundary with the A259, providing a ‘shield’ to the new homes beyond. Additional employment opportunities will be offered at the Chalcroft Nurseries site.

The type and phasing of employment provision that will be delivered is to remain flexible and will ultimately depend on business needs and employment space demands over the period the Framework Masterplan is delivered.

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The development will provide a three-form entry Primary School at the northern part of the southern neighbourhood. This location is on the primary access route with good connectivity to walking, cycling and public transport routes and within walking distance for all new residents. The detailed design of the school will follow in a future application but will be designed in collaboration and agreement with the education authority West Sussex County Council.

Early years (nursery) and Special Educational Needs Facilities will be provided in conjunction with the Primary School, in line with local need. 

The school will be delivered in a timely fashion alongside new homes following the first phase of the development. The timing of the delivery will be dependent on school place capacity in the wider area.

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