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The Vision for the site is to achieve and deliver:


  • A high quality residential, educational and commercial development.

  • Housing with a mix of well-designed sustainable homes, including single person, family and specialist housing for the elderly, to help meet local demand.

  • Substantial and cohesive Green and Blue Infrastructure delivering an appealing neighbourhood that provides amenity and opportunities for existing residents as well as new.

  • Design that alleviates flood risk and provides overall betterment to the site, rife corridors and the wider area;

  • Sustainable development with on-site social and community facilities, employment space including retail, education, sports, play, and community-based food production.

  • A legible scheme providing good connectivity by foot, cycle, and bus.

  • A range of habitats that seek to retain existing landscape features, augmented with new multi-functional green corridors, open space and native planting, to maximise opportunities for biodiversity in promoting high environmental standards.

  • Proposals will provide high quality family homes integrated within the landscape and include supporting facilities needed on a day to day basis by the new and existing residents alike.

  • Landscape features including allotments, community orchards and waterways will permeate the proposed neighbourhood, along with green corridors to allow for views to the South Downs; and

  •  Integration of existing Public Rights of Way through the scheme connecting to people beyond the site boundary.

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In delivering the Vision for the site, the Framework Masterplan has been prepared in line with the following Objectives:


Create a permeable network of streets, paths, cycleways. These should be integrated with already existing public rights of way within the site and facilitate greater connectivity to the surrounding countryside and communities. Routes should be easily to navigate to encourage active travel and connect the existing and new communities with sports, leisure and recreation spaces as well as the new local centre and community functions.


To create a place where people are able to form a new community/communities that complement and yet are distinct from the existing, established neighbourhoods. The vast scale of the site and its existing landforms, such as a Public Right of Way, hedges, historic field boundaries and rifes, will facilitate the creation of these naturally and the masterplan should seek to incorporate these into the design. 

Each of the residential neighbourhoods should have a distinct identity, combining access to the wider landscape network and subtle informal and personal landscaped greens within each development plot. 
In creating a place where people want to live, the Framework Masterplan should complement the new residential neighbourhoods with distinct employment areas and other supporting facilities, such as the Local Centre, Primary School and sports facilities. These should be sufficient to meet the needs to the new and existing communities and easily accessible to all. 

Blue and Green Infrastructure

To adopt a landscape-led approach which seeks to retain as many of the existing on-site features as possible and a provide a variety of new spaces and habitats suitable for all ages and activities. New drainage infrastructure should use, where possible, the existing topography of the site and the historic rife’s and ditches. A water management strategy for the whole site should be integrated into the Framework Masterplan and be designed to allow it to be delivered incrementally as each development phase/parcel come forward for development.


The overall sustainability vision will be encapsulated within a sustainability framework which is based on five defined factors: the people, the physical infrastructure, the social network, the natural environment, and the economic aspects. 


Key employment generating uses should be placed in locations that are well connected to the existing transport network and away from any noise-sensitive uses such as residential homes. These spaces should be designed flexibility to allow for their occupation by a range of businesses and respond to local need.

Surrounding communities

The Framework Masterplan should be designed to respect the residential, heritage and rural boundaries, aiming to create greater safer connections to existing streets and key cycle routes into the Town Centre and beyond and develop sensitive edges along Chalcraft Lane by providing a deeper landscape buffer along the road. New communities being built to the east are being integrated into the masterplan to respect and enhance their boundaries with the new Framework Masterplan and third party land being proactively and positively integrated into a new network of streets, spaces and uses that enhance and respect each other.

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