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The overall sustainability vision for the West Bersted allocation is based on five defined factors: people, physical infrastructure, social network, natural environment, and economic aspects.

These five core-themes will be central to the development of the future proposals for the site.  The Framework Masterplan provides the first layer of detail that will be built upon as detailed design work progresses. It demonstrates how a sustainable pattern of development can be delivered which will allows future residents to lead happy, healthy and well lives. 

The Framework Masterplan will ensure the following:


  1. The layout of the development is inherently sustainable, with opportunities for residents to access local shops, services and schools, reducing the need to travel by car. 

  2. A permeable and walkable neighbourhood will encourage walking and cycling.

  3. High quality homes are integrated with transport infrastructure, social and educational facilities which are commensurate to the context of the site and surrounding area.

  4. The development seeks to embed itself within the local community whilst maintaining its own character and identity. 

  5.  Employment land is provided to encourage job creation, inward investment and support the local economy.

  6.  Well-designed and managed blue and green infrastructure will provide habitats for wildlife and support biodiverse ecosystems.

  7. Provision for leisure and recreation as part of an active lifestyle, including the wellness route around the edge of the site. 

  8.  A safe and inclusive development.

Further work will be undertaken on the energy and transport strategies for the site as part of the next stage of development. The energy strategy would look to prioritise reducing demand, before supplying energy efficiently and innovatively, and finally deploying renewable technologies, demonstrating a clear route to net zero carbon in the future. The transport strategy will focus on encouraging a shift to active modes of travel, with a view to facilitating access to an equitable, healthy, and low carbon transport network.

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